A family wedding

I did not take many photos at all at my brother’s wedding today. Luckily, everyone else had their phones and cameras out so I’m sure there will be plenty of photos floating around but I thought I’d share these two. After being apart so long due to COVID, it has been wonderful to spend time again with Mom and the rest of the family.

Like her father, Rae is VERY family oriented so she was thrilled to be here with us and visiting with everyone.

14 thoughts on “A family wedding

  1. It’s so good to see your mom & know she’s doing well. And you & Rae clean up very nicely! It’s satisfying to finally get to see family & get some good hugs, isn’t it? Safe travels.


  2. That’s an important wedding! What a happy occasion. What a happy reunion that must have been…to finally see your mom in person again. She looks great! Rae is so grown up, in so many ways. I know you must be proud of her!


  3. Mom looks great and so happy and Rae is a little sweetie, her dress is so pretty! ❤️ The pic of you two! Happy that your family got to spend time together once again


  4. The smiles tell how happy your mom and Rae both are to be there! Love Rae’s pretty dress! She looks so grown up.


  5. You and Rae look lovely! She looks happy to be there with you. What a nice picture of ;your mom and your brother. Best wishes to him and his new wife.


  6. Such a happy reason to finally get family back together after Covid. You mom looks wonderful and very happy! Rae’s big smile definitely shows how happy she is to be there. So cute!!!


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