Slipping away

July is slipping away from me but I’m hoping I can still hit the goal of quilting 10 tops. So far this month 6 have been quilted, 5 bound, and 1 assembled. We are still settling in after the move AND we headed north to VA for a family wedding. We were able to take Rae with us … she’s been missing her Granny (and her Gram and Pop).

Adam called before we left and asked about coming for a visit so he’ll be here Wednesday with the kids. Washer and dryer coming tomorrow … busy, busy!

6 thoughts on “Slipping away

  1. You have some terrific photos to treasure after the family weekend. And more grandkids to enjoy this week. Have fun!


  2. You and your family created wonderful new memoires especially with Rae and your Mom! I don’t want to say the quilting will be there when you get bac, but I just did! lol! I’ll vote for family and memories every time! ❤


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