This week

Not sure how much I’ll get done this week having just gotten home yesterday evening and with Adam coming with the kids late afternoon tomorrow and staying for a few days but I’ll make a start. First up is giving the new washer and dryer a workout changing beds and washing towels from our last visitors. Then, I pulled a backing for one of Mom’s tops I brought home and put them on the shelf to wait their turn for quilting. There are two of hers and 7 HeartStrings group tops sent by AnnG last week waiting for me now. No big rush on any of them so I’ll fit them in between quilting my tops over the next few months. I need to start washing some finished quilts so I can get those donated but I’ll hold off until next week on them.

Then I trimmed and got the binding on the Brick Street flowers quilt – it’s ready for me to hand stitch down tonight and that will catch me up on binding. Finally, I started cutting and piecing my top for our precut challenge for July. I’d mentioned the precut for the month is Layer Cakes and Stephanie gave us an alternate of “big squares” which is what I’m going to do since I don’t have any layer cakes. I’ve got the 9 patch cornerstones made and am piecing and cutting the 3 rail sashing strips. I will have some more time to work on this tomorrow before Adam arrives with the kids.

When the rain left up, I went off to run some errands. We’re much more remote here than we’ve ever been full time so I’m glad I’m not much of a shopper and don’t need to go to “town” that often. It’s about an 18 mile drive each way on 2 lane curvy mountain roads which isn’t bad at all but not something I want to do daily! We do have a small grocery store, a hardware store, a few restaurants, and a post office that are closer … all about 5 miles away which is convenient too. I plan on running to get our mail a couple times a week (we don’t get delivery here at the house) and I’m lucky that Keith does our grocery shopping.


  1. Best of luck with your darling Precut Challenge quilt, Mary! That commute to “town” sounds like it would take some getting used to. At least, you have a few stores closer to home!

  2. Shopping has been very rare at our house for the last year and a half. If we need it we check Walmart , Sams or Amazon online. I tried a couple of other choices but… We have bought clothes from a few of our favorites but some still can’t get online right. BTW i know that I pay shipping in many cases but it is less than driving to the stores of my choice would cost. I want to get as much done as you but this year illnesses of the past have moved into the forefront of my life.

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