Brick Street Flowers is bound. It’s another one of the 3 yard quilts I’m working on with HeartStrings. The Brick Street pattern is from Fabric Cafe. This is #6 quilted and bound for July. I’ve got to get 4 more quilted to meet my goal of 10 for the month and I’m tied up at least 5 days with family stuff so we’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m going to work on the whales while I wait for Adam and the kids to arrive.

We’ve got another contract on the house but it won’t close until September after all the work is completed. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong but I’m not counting any chickens until then!


  1. So happy for the news on the house! I love this quilt. The pattern is so easy but we’re effective. I just made a scrappy Christmas quilt and it is a hit. I do not visualize as well as you so my quilts tend to be not as eye catching as yours. This one continues to keep my interest. I think it is the third showing for this quilt and I love it still.

  2. Happy to hear that you have a contract on the house. Hope things go smoothly, but I get the “not counting chickens” thing. In the meantime, you’be been busy quilting up a storm.

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