Just a day to work before we go to Chris’ tomorrow and I managed to load, quilt, and get this one ready for hand stitching the binding. IF I’m not too tired when Keith heads to bed, I’ll go down and stitch the binding down. Quilting is just a freehand wave … maybe I should have tried harder to be consistent in each block but I just zig zagged up and down across the quilt. It’s #7 of 10 so I might just have a chance to hit my goal to quilt 10 in July.

I try not to bore you with too many deer videos but Momma and Baby came to visit yesterday and I just had to share!


  1. I like those rounded zigzags you used for a quilting design. It fits the quilt perfectly. We haven’t seen any deer in our yard since Wednesday. We had tree trimmers here on Thursday, so maybe they are scared off temporarily.

  2. They are so stinkin’ cute when they are babies with their spots. We had twins last year that came through every day feeding with Mama. We’re so lucky!

    Enjoy this family time! (I know you will.)

  3. I love when you share your wildlife videos, living in a residential area we don’t have any deer! This winter I did look out back and saw a fox in my backyard, I think he was lost! So happy for you that you are getting to spend time with your boys and their families! Enjoy!

  4. Love the quilt and love the deer video. Here in CT we see plenty of deer, they love my hosta’s.

  5. If I don’t want to watch I can stop the video. I personally love them. The quilting is not machine precision but it is cute and done. I don’t think the recipient will ever think twice and I love the pattern. As my hubby says I worry with an experienced eye and others just can’t tell the difference.

  6. Very nice quilt. I think the quilting is great. Simple but sweet. In regards to your animal visitors I love your videos keep them coming! People don’t have to watch them if they don’t like them.
    You are doing a great job on your 10 in July Maybe I need to chsllenge myself to get more done in a months time. Thanks for the inspiration. Judy

  7. Never get tired of the animals! But have been wondering where’s Finn. Miss pictures of him

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