Another one

I hadn’t intended to quilt this small doll quilt when I walked into my sewing room this afternoon but it’s been pinned and waiting for several weeks and I’m tired of moving it around the room. Crosshatching done by walking foot on the Jane. It’s #9 of 10 to be quilted in July.

6 thoughts on “Another one

  1. Are your lucky granddaughters the recipients of these beautiful dolls quilts? I love the colors in this one!


  2. Cute doll quilt! Looks like you will have no problem reaching your goal. Since I do not know how to free motion quilt, I do a lot of crosshatching on my small quilts and runners etc. Yours looks very nice on that small quilt. So happy Finn is settling in to his new home.


  3. Lovely colors in the doll quilt. A little girl will love it. You get so much done. It’s good you set goals and achieve them .I always enjoy pictures of the grandchildren and Finn.


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