Finn and I drove home from Chris’ this morning and I got back to work. I pieced a backing, loaded and quilted the Walk and Stop quilt. Pantograph is Steam. This is a pattern I got in a kit several years ago from Connecting Threads that is no longer available. I’ve used it a couple times now and am sure I’ll use it over and over! It makes a great donation quilt and it’s quick to piece. It’s #8 of 10 to be quilted this month.

After quilting, I sat with Finn a while. He seems to be settling down after all the anxiety from the move. He’s handled visits from the kids and going to Chris’ without any added anxiety and did fine boarding last week too.


  1. LOVE that blue & green quilt! And “Steam” is one of my all-time favorites! I’m glad Finn is adjusting. Poor baby!

  2. The quilting design is really pretty! It’s good to know that Finn is settling in and feeling comfortable in your new home. They are so smart, and understand the changes going on.

  3. I just want to run my fingers through Finn’s coat. He looks sooo soft. The blue and green quilt looks like an easy one to piece. And now when quilted looks so nice.

  4. Is this pattern made with fat quarters for the print? Of course you cannot get it anymore. I even called Connecting Threads, but they said it was only available in the kits, which they don’t have. It doesn’t appear that hard to figure out though.

  5. I recognize the beautiful fabric in your quilt as Craftsy/Bluprint fabric. I think I have some but if so, it is packed away. Still working on getting ready for our move, now about a month away. I donated a large chunk of my stash for a fabric sale to benefit the food pantry’s building extension project. To my surprise, they raised more than 5,000 and there was another 1,000 donation. Our dog, Sophie, has been following me as I go about sorting and packing. Can’t turn around without bumping into her, poor dog. I’m glad Finn is relaxing and settling in.

  6. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for your little guy. I know my pup would NOT be able to handle visitors and a stay away from home.

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