It’s been six years today since Chesty died leaving a big hole in our hearts and our lives.

I still miss my quilting buddy very much but am so thankful that a year and a half after his death, Finn came into our lives and helped fill the hole left by his death. I feel so blessed to love and be loved by both of them.


  1. I understand it is so hard to lose your fur baby. They love you unconditional. It is a pure love. I pray that we will meet them again. Give Finn some extra loving today, he will return it ten fold.

  2. I have always had at least one dog and usually more. Going through the puppy madness right now with our very last dog…getting too old unfortunately. I love them and would find it lonely without having a dog around.

  3. My second oldest dog at 14.5 years old has been ill since January and it’s day to day now. The oldest is 15 years old. Many tears ahead. I still have my 3 year old Beagle and 10 year old wild child. Our pets stay in our hearts forever. I’m glad Finn is your pet now, he filled the hole that Chesty left.

  4. It’s posts like this when we need a ❤️ button! Our furry babies have a way of capturing our hearts. And I love when you share pictures of Chesty and Finn

  5. Our doggies are so sweet to follow us in our sewing endeavors and keeping us company. They are precious. I am presently in my one year of a new doggie …Harley after loosing Lady, who was my friend for 14.5 wonderful years. Doggies are great company. Wish they would live forever.

  6. I am a cat person. Nonetheless, it is heartbreaking to lose our friends over the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs to you and cheers to Finn for adding new joy to your lives.

  7. I remember Chesty and remember how sad I was when I’d learned you’d lost him. I have 6 animals now and know that I am in for 6 heartbreaks in the future… Sigh.

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