The Blue/Green Walk and Stop quilt is finished. It’s #9 of 10 quilted and bound in July. Pantograph is Steam.

I might be in the minority here but I use Joann’s flannel on the backs of some of my quilts. I’ve used it for years on both my personal and donation quilts without issues. The personal quilts have been well used and washed many times. Unlike most people, since I don’t prewash my quilting cotton, I do not prewash the flannel. Everything crinkles up nicely together and I’ve never had an issue with the back shrinking more than the front. And all of that information was just so I could show you how cute the flannel back is on this quilt. This is one that will be donated and I just know it’s going to be loved by someone!


  1. Love this quilt – these are my favorite colors. The backing is perfect and I love the “steam” quilting. 100% imo!

  2. Oh the quilt is really cute and so is the backing, I love the colors as well. That’s great to know that Joanne’s has decent flannel, our Local Quilt Shop closed earlier this month and there isn’t one within 140 miles so I might look into ordering some flannel, I love flannel backings on my quilts.
    Do you know, if that’s what they call “Super Snuggle Flannel”

  3. This is one of my favourites so far. Love the colours, love the design, love the backing. I could just drop everything and try it, lol, but that is what has gotten me so many ufo’ s, lol.

  4. Cute quilt, the flannel fabric is lovely. I like to use flannel on back on childrens quilts to give them the snuggle factor. Like the quilt motif too. I think that you will achieve your target Mary

  5. There’s a difference between flannel and flannelette too – the flannel is heavier, and less prone to pilling…
    Good quality quilting flannel is a great backing fabric!

  6. That is just adorable, Mary! I don’t pre-wash my fabrics, either, and love flannel backings, especially on kids quilts. Though I also love them for our own lap/nap quilts…love that cozy, wrinkly look!

  7. Love this quilt! I regularly use Joanns flannels. I do have friends who dislike it but mainly for baby quilts I think it works great. My kids friends are having so many babies, I need to make the quilts affordable. And they have really cute prints.

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