Finn went to grooming this morning – it’s gotten hot and humid here this week and he was past due for a haircut. He will be much more comfortable now!

And while he was being groomed, I got in a 5.35 mile hike. The humidity was high and the gnats were bad but in spite of that it was a beautiful day in the woods!


  1. Finn looks smashing Mary. In spite of the humidity and the insects, it looks like a beautiful walking area.

  2. What a gorgeous place to hike – gnats or not! We apparently have a “new” breed of mosquitoes here – smaller and quieter than the regular ones. You don’t hear them coming but you know it when they’ve bitten you! I can’t even go to 5he garden to pick a few beans for supper without adding to my collection of bites….

  3. I love Finn’s summer cut!!! Love the photos from your hike. What a beautiful place to be!

  4. Finn looks great and I bet he feels great too! Have you found any type of repellent for the gnats? Or deer flies? I am at my wits end with those two things. But I love my walks!!

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