I love technology and my Apple Watch is one of my two favorites (my iPad is the other). In addition to having the time and weather at my fingertips, I love the activity tracking. It encourages me to move more and I get to monitor how active – or inactive I’ve been. I also love the timer and alarms, ease of adding things to my reminder list when they pop into my head using Siri, and the heart rate and EKG monitoring.

I moved a lot through the 3 months I was packing and moving us to Big Canoe but I didn’t exercise much – walking, hiking, and kayaking are my favorites, and while biking was on that list, I won’t be biking here in the mountains. – so it’s time to start trying to get out there more. Adam has also slacked off and we’re back to encouraging each other to MOVE. Our Apple Watches let us share our data with each other and we have a shared family fitness photo stream where we post photos. He got out early this morning and he’s been taking Caleb with him.

Keith is the most consistently active one of the 4 of us … Adam, Chris, and I go in spurts where we’re very active and then we seem to slack off. It’s time for Chris to rejoin us too. I do love that when we’re all together that we’re usually getting out and being active with the kids too. Hiking mostly but some swimming and basketball and don’t forget I broke my ankle last fall playing kickball with them!

Unfortunately, my activity today will be housework! I’ve put some things off way to long and I need to make a start on some things like cleaning blinds and baseboards in addition to dusting and cleaning floors. I am lucky that Keith takes care of cleaning the bathrooms for me.

What do you do to stay active?


  1. I’ve always relied on exercising outdoors. Walking has been my thing. This summer has been impossible with extreme heat temperatures, humidity, yet drought conditions and health threatening smoke blanketing the most of the state of Minnesota. We are expecting to be in the purple level which is up from the orange level of air pollution we’ve had this past week, setting records we don’t want to set. Smoke is coming down from Canada. The fires are expected to burn for months with snow being what’s needed to extinguish the fire. It’s nice to see your family encourage each other to stay fit and active.

    • My husband and I get up and walk early in the morning to try and walk when it’s cooler and less humid. We walk between 2.5 to 5 miles 5-6 times a week. My husband also mows the lawn with a push mower so he gets exercise there too. We have close to an acre of land. We use our weight bench too.

  2. How nice that you can all stay in contact with the Apple Watch. That would help to get you motivated. I have been very bad this last year with exercising and I NEED to get moving. I can really tell I need help with flexibility and balance so if I can ever get myself motivated those will be the first things I work on. I have some great exercise DVD’s so that is what I will use.

  3. I recently joined a gym and aim for working out three days a week. Even though I need to lose weight, my goal is to work on endurance and strength by using the treadmill, the stationary bike and the weight machines.

  4. Activity is a necessity but the heat here is oppressive.

    Cleaning? I find it has to be done as I go. Baseboards, windows and deep cleaning floors are scheduled but move with health issues. Life is good.

  5. My husband and I have an exercise video series we stream and do several weekday mornings, especially when it is rainy or just too darn hot outside. We also walk as much as we can. Sometimes in the early morning, just about every evening, and often during the day. Thankfully we live in a very walkable neighborhood and can go to the grocery, bank, library, pharmacy, restaurants, and more. We ride bikes two days a week and play disc golf two days a week. I volunteer at a botanical garden, so I count weed pulling and other garden tasks as exercise, too! JUST KEEP MOVING is our motto.

  6. Since I got a Fitbit many years ago I have mostly obtained my exercise by walking. In the summer we would go to the pool and I would walk in the pool too because I didn’t like getting in the cold water all the way up to my shoulders.
    Almost two years ago my husband got me an Apple Watch. I had started to forget to charge the Fitbit and my exercise had fallen off. The watch changed that – I really try to close my rings daily. When I look back over time I can see when I sprained my ankle last year and where my achilles flared up earlier this year. I love that I can wear the watch in the pool and since I lost weight I have been swimming.
    One slight problem are the monthly challenges. Last month it was over a hundred minutes of exercise a day. I am worried what the next time there is a time goal that it will be more like 110 minutes. Some months I just decide the challenge is too much (like the month where it was walking 8.5 miles a day!).

  7. I’m a walker but it’s too hot to walk right now. And I’m also a swimmer but the pool is closed for the rest of the summer because of the soaring Covid numbers in our prefecture now. Hopefully September will be a better month for activies.

  8. This is a great post.
    It so nice to see a family using technology for the great benefit of making everyone more healthy,

    Rather than simply lettings kids veg in front of screens all day.

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