I’m not thrilled to be heading to Tampa tomorrow. Florida has hit all time highs for COVID cases and hospitalizations in the last few days but I have some appointments that I don’t feel comfortable delaying so I’m driving down tomorrow. Yep, those deep burgundy colored states are the worst right now.

With the new CDC guidelines, we’re back to wearing masks when we’re indoors now. And yes, we are vaccinated but this Delta variant is infecting even vaccinated individuals. We’re still protected from severe illness but we can contract the virus and pass it along so we’re being cautious. Luckily, I made lots of masks last year and they’re packed up and ready for my trip. I blogged about how I make them at this post. Stay safe out there! I think it’s going to get bad again before it gets better and if you’re not vaccinated, please think again about that decision. The hospitalizations and deaths are coming from the unvaccinated.


  1. Safe travels to you, Mary! We have traveled from one deep burgundy state (LA) to another (FL) to hang out with our kids. We are enjoying our time together and being very cautious. We also think it will get worse before it starts to get better again…stay safe everyone!

  2. I agree with you, Mary, about getting vaccinated and wearing masks. I cannot believe all the misinformation and downright lies that even educated, intelligent people are swallowing that is keeping them from getting the vaccine and protecting themselves and their families. I am afraid too many will be very sorry someday that they put it off and then it will be too late. I am glad the internet was not around to spread misinformation and keep people from getting the polio vaccine.

  3. Safe travels. My daughter said their hospital in Sioux Falls is prepping for another surge, but haven’t seen big increases yet. I was feeling so optimistic – but not any longer.

  4. Safe travels and thank you for posting such a truthful and necessary message. A friend became ill at DisneyWorld last week. He had a blood infection. But the hospital he went to had zero empty beds for him because they were full of Covid patients. The spillover affects people regardless of how they have handled the pandemic.

  5. Hope and pray you remain safe by masking up. Unfortunately, Nebraska is seeing a surge in COVID cases, and a 20-something woman died yesterday from it. She was not vaccinated. So many younger and younger people are getting sicker and sicker. I, too, hope and pray people will re-think getting vaccinated if they haven’t already.

  6. Safe travels Mary. We are still and will continue to be masking, and social distancing here.

  7. We have been in Massachusetts the past few days where over 70% of population is vaccinated. We are returning to South Carolina today. I have been told we are all required, once again, to wear masks at the grocery store where I work. We will be moving my daughter to her new apartment this coming weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. Sounds like Jacksonville is the epicenter of the virus in Florida. They are back to where they were last July. We are all vaccinated. I wish everyone was. Safe travels to you! I know you will be back to Georgia as quickly as possible!

  8. Have a safe trip!. We fly out from Palm Springs tomorrow morning to Seattle. Not looking forward to Seattle at all as that city has almost been destroyed. Final destination is Friday Harbor-San Juan Islands for a week with friends who have a house on the water. After 3 cancelled cruises, this is our first trip since Feb. of 2020..We will be well masked, have hand sanitizer, wipes for the plane and airport restroom doors etc. Los Angeles is very high with Covid patients and many unvaxxed. Our son , DIL and grandson have not had the vaccination.
    Their 15 y/o daughter had Covid last year in March. It is their decision whether we like it or not, we just hope this wakes them up with this delta strain.

  9. Stay safe. Here in Japan the Covid numbers are surging upwards and I feel like the government has given up trying to stem the spreading. Hospitals in the Tokyo area no longer have beds… Japan is still only 50 percent vaccinated though pretty much everybody wants the vaccination protection.

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