The weekend

I sewed a little (the set of green HeartStrings blocks are ready to assemble), I cleaned a little, and then this afternoon we had time with Chris and the girls. They were camping nearby this weekend …

And Chris had asked about bringing the camper back to stay in our garage. He kept it there last year and now that Keith has cleared all the move stuff we have room in the second garage bay for him to store it again when he’s not using it.

And we got to spend the afternoon with them! I love hiking with my little ones.

Yep, this is a big reason we bought the house here in Big Canoe and made the full time move sooner rather than later!


  1. So happy you get to be close to your Littles. We haven’t been able to visit as often as we used to during the pandemic. They currently live in the number one infected area according to some news reports Jacksonville Florida. Even if it isn’t the worst it is very bad. Please enjoy as much as possible! Moo

  2. Those little people aren’t so little anymore are they? I cannot believe how quickly they’re growing!

    So very glad you’ll get to see all of your children and grandchildren much more often.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

  3. That last picture says it all!! My 20-year-old granddaughter is visiting from MN right now. Have only been able to spend part of a day hanging out, but it was so much fun. So happy you are so close to your grands now👍👍.

  4. I’m sure they feel the boys and their families feel the same way, Happy to be spending more time with you and Keith. What a great picture of the four of you, they’re growing so fast. Sure their are things you’ll miss about Tampa, but getting to spend more time with those precious little ones, will make up for it! WOW! lots of deer action, looks like such a peaceful setting.

  5. Yes – I can see the wonderful benefits of living there. Family and beautiful surroundings!! I agree with the comment above that your family most likely feels just as happy that you are close by.

  6. Your Littles are little anymore! Fabulous photo of the four of you. I’m thrilled you’re able to spend more time with your family.

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