1. Still can’t believe you have so many deer that visit regularly. My raccoon family visited the other night. Silly me left the new 30 lb bag of dog food on the deck overnight. It was chewed on and split in several places. They got a nice snack without having to work too hard. Still not sure WHY I didn’t bring it all the way inside. UGH. Had a slight mess to clean up the next morning. Served me right😎😎!!

  2. I just have to say that both granddaughters look like you. They are going to grow up to be very attractive women. Enjoy the time with them. Before you know it they will be getting ready to go to college and/or leave the nest, so to speak. It happens before before you know it. This time is so special.

  3. What a cute baby. The ground looks very dry and I wonder what they manage to find while foraging through the dried leaves?

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