Another table

I ordered another one of these tables from Amazon today. After a couple months, I’ve decided to move my sewing room around a little. I love piecing on my BabyLock Jane and the Koala cabinet is great EXCEPT it doesn’t have enough table to the left of the machine. I have a small table beside it but the difference in height makes it harder.

I have one of the tables that I already have to the left of the BabyLock Grace … only with this Horn cabinet, I have plenty of room to the left and none to the right of the machine

I have enough room on the other side of the ironing board for another table and if I switch the machines/cabinets with each other, both will have a workspace to the right and left of the machine.

I do already have a second table here but I’m using it for my GO. The great thing about this table is that you can adjust the height. One height for cutting and the other height makes it even with my sewing machine cabinets.


  1. Good news on getting everything comfortable next to your machine. My problem is I really don’t like my machines up against the wall with no space between the wall the needle. Especially when sewing on bindings. When I designed the sewing room several years ago I didn’t realize how little distance there is with Koala cabinets from the needle to the wall. The depth is just not there. I’m still trying to figure out a better floor plan, but so far I haven’t found it. Even after all this time. it all hinges on my Koala corner cabinet unit it seems. Which I love. I’ll send pictures when I can. Enjoy your sewing space!

    • I put two machine cabinets back to back with one side next to window so I have extra light and can see outside.

  2. looks really convenient….i would love another table but horizontal surfaces tend to get cluttered so in order to keep the mess down, have to limit myself and be diligent about tidying up….

  3. Sometimes it just takes a while to get everything arranged so it works just right for us. My sewing chair’s cushioning wasn’t doing the job any more so I switched it with a chair that I used at my tower computer downstairs, back when I still used that computer all the time. The chair is comfy but bulkier than the old one. I makes my sewing space seem more crowded. I know, I just need a bigger house with bigger rooms!!!!!

    • If only we could just design the sewing room of our dreams without having to worrying about space?!! I’ll take a 2,000 square foot room please with lots of enclosed shelves and fabulous lighting all over. Boy, that would be a fun post to hear everyone’s dream space! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I have 3 adjustable height tables that adjust to 3 or 4 different heights but they work well. They adjust to the sewing table height a good cutting height and what they call a play table height that I haven’t found a use for. I have thought of trying to arrange them so I can design on the floor in the living room. Hope your new plan works.

  5. Great idea, Mary!! It is so funny – I was just looking at my sewing setup last night. I have PLENTY of space on the left side but next to none on the right. An adjustable height table!! That sounds so very useful for so many things. I’m trying to talk myself into not needing a lot of space on the right side – do those paper scissors HAVE to be accessible all the time or could they live in a drawer to be pulled out when needed. Thanks for sharing all your different ideas! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Isn’t it fun to play around with rearranging a sewing room! You have so much more space than I do and a lot of my furniture is hubby-made which means it isn’t really very efficient and rather too heavy to change around much. But I’ve made it work!

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