We had a couple errands to run and decided to stop at the little breakfast/lunch takeout place near the clubhouse here to grab some lunch. They have an outdoor terrace to sit and eat and there was only one other table being used and it was well away from us. I don’t know why we’ve never eaten there before but it’s a half a mile from the house and it’s right on the lake! It’s another good option for us since we’re not going to any indoor restaurants now because of the COVID surge down here. I’m even very cautious about dining outdoors unless we are well away from other people.

One of our errands was picking up a small refrigerator for downstairs. I’ve got a coffee maker set up and wanted to be able to keep some creamer and other drinks down here especially now that I seem to be going back down every night after Keith heads to bed. I’m really SO pleased with how much this house suits us and am loving my work spaces.


  1. It’s so great that you’re truly inhabiting your house now. I know the feeling. Our last house was never going to be our forever home, so I was always leery of doing too much to personalize it. Now, I’m totally unconcerned about what “the next owner” will think; this is MY house! As my son loves to say, “What do you care? You won’t be the one selling it!” And he’s right. I won’t be moving again, and I won’t be around when it’s sold, so I’m going to make it just right for me.

  2. I love the view of the lake, I love water. I think you have a keeper house, love all your nightly visitors.

  3. Mary, that little frig is going to suit you perfectly. I have a similar one in my sewing room downstairs. I also added an electric teapot, and now I am set for summer or winter ! And you are, too.

  4. Mary, you are one busy woman. I am back at the cottage, and therefore internet service tonight. It was a beautiful day, and the ocean was deliciously warm and yet refreshing after the heat of the day. Tonight it is cooling off and will make for pleasant sleeping. I think I may be a bit on the lazy side. I love seeing your works and travels though.

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