Cast on

I’ve been working on my blue knit shawl and while it’s not finished, I decided to cast on a travel project to take with me to VA. I’m working on the ruffle in the shawl and the rows are really long right now.

This is an easy K2P2 ribbed beanie so the pattern doesn’t need a lot of attention except for when it’s time to do the crown decreases but I haven’t mentioned Knit Companion in a while. It’s the iPad app that I use for my knitting patterns and I love it. So easy to keep track of what I’m doing.

Now that I’ve got this one started I’ll pack it away for the trip and get back to work on that ruffle! It’s a rainy day here at Big Canoe so in addition to laundry and packing, there’s some knitting and binding going on here.


  1. That yarn is so pretty! I bet your mom is looking forward to your visit.
    Do you go anywhere near Williamsburg? We are planning a trip there near the end of September and I was trying to plan some quilt shop stops. We will be driving from SC.

  2. What length circular needle to you use for your hats? I’ve got one I’m starting and could only get a 9″ and it seems a little short for an adult hat. Also, do you have a favorite stretchy cast on? Haven’t found one I feel comfortable with yet, so I’m curious. Thanks!

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