I’m enjoying my family time. Today Mom and I spent the day alone together at my brother’s house while they were at work. We got bindings on her two quilts and sat and caught up while she started stitching them down and I knit.


  1. Enjoy your time with your Mum. Isn’t it nice when you share a love of creating with fabric and yarn

  2. Oh, it’s so good to see pics of your Mom again. I miss mine everyday, so enjoy every minute with her. Hugs to you both.

  3. This looks like a comfy cosy time. Slow stitching is such a companionable activity. It’s great that you and your mom can do this together.

  4. I love to hand sew the binding down, it such a sense of satisfaction. The last thing before you can say it’s done!

  5. Your Mom looks so happy, and spending time with family is the best! <3 It's so nice that you and Mom get to spend time catching up and doing what you both love.

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