Family Gift Exchange

We had our Family Gift exchange Zoom call tonight. This was our 3rd round and we’re having a lot of fun with it.

Chris asked to join us for this round and the group voted him in. He paired up with Adam who drew and painted the house we grew up in and Chris made the frame for it. Mom was the recipient of their gift.

The detail that went in the drawing is a little hard to see in the photo above because of the glare but Adam sent me a photo before it was framed. I’m so impressed with his talent and the floating frame Chris made was a perfect choice so nothing along the edges was lost or hidden. I’m so proud of my boys! They made a beautiful and meaningful gift.

We drew names for the next round due in November…. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next!

8 thoughts on “Family Gift Exchange

  1. The gifts are fabulous — all of them. Please let us know who made each gift and for the person receiving it. So much talent!!


  2. The details in the house are very clear, your sons made a beautiful gift. I’m not sure what each item is exactly, can you please tell us?


  3. A lot of talent, and such a wonderful variety of gifts. The drawing and frame are really well done and I’m sure your mom was thrilled. This is a tradition that is so special.


  4. Bet Mom was over the moon with her gift from Chris and Adam, just beautiful! Talent definitely runs your family, and such a special way of sharing it!


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