Keith and I went hiking today. Fort Mountain State park is about an hour’s drive but worth it for the hiking and views. We usually take a little picnic lunch to enjoy after the hike when we go.

I sewed a little after we got home this afternoon. I’d started a 16 patch quilt from fat quarters yesterday after we moved my sewing cabinets around and added the other table under the window. I love having the extra surface area when I’m piecing and now I have one by both machines. The 16 patch is at that awkward stage where I’m not sure how much I’m going to like it but experience tells me it will get better.


  1. What size are the tables in your sewing room and where did you get them? I need to get a table for my sewing room (about 2′ by 3′) and most of the ones I have found are too big, too flimsy looking, or too pricey. I need it beside my sliding doors that go out to the deck so I can’t block the door. I plan to put some plants on top and store some quilting supplies in bins underneath. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated. TIA

  2. Thank you for highlighting the table last week. After seeing your room which is much bigger than mine, I got and idea about moving the stuff in my room around and I placed my table (which is the same as yours) next to my machine, boy it makes piecing and machine quilting so much easier.

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