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I provided less detail this time thinking you guys wouldn’t be interested in “who made what for whom” but I had several questions about the projects so here goes. I numbered each one and the description is below. There are no rules or guidelines for the gift, it can be anything we choose to make and it’s been a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with. Some of the group are more creative or artistic than others but the fun is in the participation and it’s NOT a competition.

  1. Kevin (Hilary made their gift this time) made a fused glass dish for Debbie.
  2. Ann made a quilted hot pad using a folded star block for Maureen. It’s SO gorgeous!
  3. Chris (and Adam) did the picture for Mom
  4. Mom made two decorative mats for Kevin – he received a tray in the first round from Ann and we’ve been giving him seasonal mats for it. Last time around I had his name and made him a 4th of July one.
  5. Debbie had my name and wove a cowl AND a scarf and sewed a glasses case for me.
  6. Maureen painted flowers pots and planted succulents in them for Ann
  7. A second flower pot from Maureen to Ann
  8. I made two grocery bag holders, two baseball coasters, and a Smokey the bear mug rug for Chris. He always has a list of things he wants me to make so he was easy!


  1. You definitely have a crafty family! Every one of the gifts is so perfect and unique – well done!

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