It’s been a while since I quilted so many HeartStrings quilts all in a row … the last 3 were group quilts and this one of mine was quilted today.

The pantograph is square spiral and it’s one I’ve always liked but it was too large for my machine before but now with my Pantovision, I can resize pantographs to fit my available quilting space. My machine is not computerized – I just follow the pattern from the front of the machine rather than the back.

I have two ready for binding now but tonight I’m going to start a new blanket.


  1. Squared Spiral is a great pantograph, We like to use it. Definitely one of Wayne’s favorites. It flows very nice for stitching.

  2. On my computerized long arm, a very similar panto is called Wasabi. I recently used it to quilt three modern quilts that had a lot of background and the result was awesome! It is funny how some pantos seem to just lurk until the right quilt comes along.

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