Warning: this is a political post

If you’re uninterested in or offended by political posts just skip this one.

There’s something shameful that you don’t know about me – I live in the congressional district represented by the whack job Majorie Taylor Greene. In 2020, our primary residence was in Florida. We’d bought the house in Big Canoe earlier in the year and went back and forth between Tampa and Big Canoe but obviously did not vote here in the November 2020 elections. I WANT to think that the only reason she won was that the candidate running against her dropped out of the race at the last minute for “family and personal reasons” and I PRAY she can’t win again in 2022 against a strong candidate even in this rural Georgia county.

While we regularly donate to a variety of charitable causes, we don’t make contributions to political campaigns except this time we do. It’s not even about Democrat versus Republican – I’m a registered Independent voter – it’s about getting this whack job out of Congress so we’re supporting Marcus Flowers in 2022 and with Big Canoe our primary residence now we will be voting here too.


    • Thanks for posting this and reminding me to support the people who are stepping up to oppose these nut jobs. Keeping quiet and doing nothing will let them multiply. We’ve seen that happen in history.

  1. Oh, Mary! She is a disgrace. And what has happened in Texas for women’s rights is also a disgrace. {{Hugs}} Voting is our only recourse! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. YES!!! Mary, you are so right!! There are several others like her that need to be voted out as well!! And I totally agree with the previous poster, what happened in Texas is shameful and disgusting!

  3. OMG, condolences to you. Nut job for sure. I’ve no doubt you’ll be taking action come next election to promote someone with sanity.

  4. Poor you! Just mentioned to my neighbor this morning how I thought this new election would turn things around instead more and more crazies are showing up.

  5. Thank you for supporting her opponent. I’m a registered Independent. Thanks to the former President, Representative Cheney is being opposed by some outlandish whack jobs, too. How on earth did the U.S. gather so many crazy people!

  6. As someone who lives in the district formerly represented by Michelle Bachman I feel your pain and commend any efforts to replace this reprehensible person.

  7. Definitely agree! I live in deep-red north-central PA and we have whack jobs as well! They need to be sent packing ASAP!

  8. She loves the attention! She acts out to get the attention the press is giving her. I wish the press would quote smart women instead of these crazy nutcases. I know a woman like her who wants attention so much, I actually feel sorry for them. Hang in there Mary!!

  9. When I see comments by MTG, I wonder if she really believes the things she says or if she just does it for attention. Trump said any attention, even negative, is free press and therefore good. Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more “whack jobs” in office, people who don’t or can’t think for themselves. It seems most people are only interested in winning and not doing what is best for the people any more. Think how much could be done if it wasn’t republican vs democrat, but people in office looking out for the best interests of the people.

  10. Good for u!!I am an independent alsoI want a real lover and respecter of our country in every office of the landThank u for sharing 

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  11. I’ve used your exact words to describe since the first time I saw and heard her speak on TV. What kind of people would vote that nut in?!?! I agree with what Cindy Russell says. Wish her husband was back in.

  12. I believe everyone has the right and maybe even the duty to support the causes they believe in and it doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree or for that matter anyone else.

  13. That woman and her ilk are menaces. She and people like Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan prevent serious discourse and progress in Congress. I applaud your candor and determination to oust Greene, and elect Marcus Flowers.

  14. Of course, living on the other side of the globe, I’d never heard of her, but I’ve just read her profile on Wikipedia. Hmmmmm. It’s hard to imagine that 75% of people living in your area were prepared to vote for her. Or, actually, since you don’t have compulsory voting, 75% of the people who voted were prepared to vote for her. That’s quite alarming.
    I admire your willingness to stand up for what you believe in.

    • Thank you for supporting Marcus, it’s terrifying to imagine a day when we could lose our freedom to choose if Greene and her kind gain complete control. Gerrymandering is going to be an issue more than ever and I suppose we will see how things will play out as elections come and go.

  15. I am alarmed and saddened that people like her win elections (I live in TX, so believe me, I know). Hopefully, the unconstitutional draconian abortion bill signed into law here will be struck down soon.

    • Robin, I certain hope that bill is struck down soon. How on earth did it even pass the Supreme Court?? It just dismays me deeply to think that someone brings the bill forward in the first place. Why is it deemed law to control a woman’s body?? {{Hugs}}

  16. Mary, Judging from the number of replies, you have a lot of followers that are active in keeping up with the news. I am proud of you for voicing your concerns. You have my full support. The right wing extremists have been an embarrassment for our country.
    I thank all you thoughtful folks that still have voting abilities to make positive changes.

  17. As a Georgia resident – although not in her district – MGT is an embarrassment! Thanks for the link – just made a contribution to the Marcus Flowers campaign!

  18. I’m from Missouri and DO NOT support the wack job Josh Hawley in any way, shape or form. I totally get supporting getting him and others OUT of office ASAP!

  19. Dangerous whack job. She needs to go. I wonder if her opponent was pressured/threatned to withdraw? In any case, she needs to be voted out.

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