I started a new blanket tonight. After spending almost an hour looking online and at some of my books, I chose a single crochet ripple pattern. Something different but easy. By different I mean a new pattern because I’ve made a lot of ripple blankets.

  • Pattern – Chevron blanket found free on Ravelry
  • Hook size – J
  • Yarn – Caron Big Cakes, colorway is Nightberry
  • I chained 152 and my blanket is about 37 inches wide so it will be child size.

While I was choosing my yarn and finding my crochet hooks, I did find the scarves waiting for donation – the hats are still MIA – I really need to get these donated. There are 13 of them including the blue one in the back that I just finished. If I can’t donate them locally through the Big Canoe knitting club, I’m going to have to find a place I can mail them. They’re not doing anyone any good just sitting around here.


  1. Please see if there is a Project Linus Chapter near you. Check the website at I’m the Chapter coordinator in Northern Virginia, a very busy location outside of Washington DC. Now we are collecting blankets for Afghan refugees resettling in this area.

  2. I would think you could donate these to any northern area of homeless shelters. In our area, Larry Rice does a tremendous amount of good for the homeless in St. Louis.

  3. There is a group on Ravelry called Aid to Appalachia which would welcome your items. All the information is in the group description. I send items to them each Fall.

  4. I’ve always liked ripple afghans. I have a pattern somewhere for a ripple knit afghan. I made one in the 70s. I took a pile of shoulder shawls to the senior center last week.the ladies were thrilled to choose one for themselves.

  5. What a lovely pile of scarves ready to donate. Some lucky folks will be warmer this winter because of you. The ripple afghan was my mother’s favorite pattern to crochet.

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