Finn’s day

Someone commented a while back that Chesty used to show up on the blog more than Finn does and when I was going through old blog photos I realized they were probably right. That may be because Chesty spent all of his time with me in the sewing room and Finn spends part of his day with Keith. Anyway, I thought I’d share how he spent today …

The morning was spent in bed with Mom … no photos of that … the afternoon, he sat with Mom while she worked on her crochet blanket.

Then he went on a walk around the meadows – lots of things to sniff and smell.

Wondering why Mom wasn’t keeping up …

The dog park is right there at the meadows too so he got to run around off leash. He was so funny, Keith would throw the ball and Finn would run to it and then run back over to where the water dishes were even though he didn’t drink every time – it was like it was home base! He never picked up the ball either …

He ended his day with a bath! No photo of that either because I was sitting on the porch with a beer while Keith cleaned him up.


  1. What a great idea to have a ‘dog’ park – it sure gives him the space to run around safely – pity he doesn’t pick up the ball though – something for Keith to work on haha

  2. I think Chesty filled a different spot in your life. You guys seem to love Finn equally but differently. I am one of the ones who noticed you write about him less often but having had numerous pets I understand.

  3. It looks like Finn had a good day. I’m looking forward to the day our 14 month old Shih Tzu will be able to run around our fully fenced yard like that. Right now she eats EVERYTHNG so we still take her out on a leash. It’s not fun pulling a slimy slug out of a dogs mouth plus other things….ugh!!

  4. My dog is so unphotogenic. His black eyes and nose get lost in his black fur. And he is always scowling anyways.

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