My green centered HeartStrings quilt is finished and since I’m caught up on binding I might just start a new string quilt tomorrow (which is really just later today because it’s well after midnight) – we’ll see if I have any energy left after we go hiking.


  1. I love your string quilts. I keep telling myself I am going to make one…soon, but I have been kind of off piecing for a year or so.

    Do you use paper or muslin foundation? Maybe if I get a bunch of foundations ready I will start.

  2. Another great finished – the blue and gold gives it some pop – I need to make another on 🙂

  3. Your string quilts are beautiful! I have made several and they are still a favorite to make 😁 I love having a hobby that is more exciting the more I do it, and fun to connect with others who feel the same.

    Have a really good day!
    Rebecca Johnson

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  4. You have been so productive while I was away! My next veterans quilt is going to be string quilt with rectangular blocks. There’s something really magical about how great all of these types of quilts look. (BTW, a month in Maine is the absolute perfect time!)

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