I didn’t make it to the sewing room at all today but that’s OK. Keith and I hiked Amicalola Falls and then just had a relaxing afternoon and evening. It was about 2 miles up … then about a mile and a half coming down. I find it a fairly strenuous hike so I’m always happy to make it to the base of the falls and then to the top of the falls, and finally, on up to the lodge at the top. Coming down is certainly easier than going up but the trail we take is very rough and requires a lot of attention to avoid stumbling on roots and rocks.

I didn’t take a photo today at the base of the falls because there were lots of people there taking photos and we did not join the crowd but I have many photos of the falls from all the years we’ve been visiting including these photos from a visit to the falls with Mom and my sisters in 2013. (They didn’t hike up, we drove up and there’s a parking lot and an access trail that is 0.3 miles to the base of the falls)


  1. A really nice post with family pictures and Mountain View’s and waterfalls. My iPhone capitalized so it must be important! Have a great holiday today.

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