My holiday weekend was great … time with Keith and Finn, hiking, kayaking, crochet, and sewing. We did miss seeing Chris and the girls but I filled the time with things I love. This afternoon, Keith helped me get the kayak in the water. It’s too heavy for me to lift off the rack and carry down to the water so he’s always nice about going with me to help and then coming back for me later.

When I got home, I went downstairs and started some rail fence blocks from my strips and strings bins. Stephane pulled “Honey Buns” from the hat for our precut for September and I don’t have any of those so I’m interpreting it as skinny strips. The rails have both thin and wider strips and the blocks measure 9 inches finished.

I have made one of these before and really liked how it turned out. I don’t think this one will have a border but we’ll see if I think it needs one when the blocks are done.

3 thoughts on “Kayaking

  1. A comment on the post about Finn. It was so cute to see him run at the dog park. Reminded me of our long past dog. We would tell her to “skitter” and she would just run and run. Finn looks like a soft teddy bear. I love your rail fence quilts too.


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