Work space

Are you tired of me telling you how great my workspaces are here? One thing I’ve really missed is having an open floor space to spread a quilt out to trim or to put borders on. I have that here in my sewing room.

And the views are great too, my sewing room windows look out on the back yard right at the stone steps! This baby still has his spots. According to most articles I’ve read they lose their spots at 3 to 4 months old … by October usually.

This Strips and Strings Log Cabin is ready for binding, another quilt is loaded on the longarm, all but 5 blocks for the Strips and Strings Rail fence quilt are made … and now I’m going to sit and crochet and listen to my audiobook.


  1. Seeing where and how others have their work spaces set up helps us all figure out how our own can work better, so no! I don’t tire of hearing how yours works! Bring it on!

  2. I love hearing how you work and plan so do not stop sharing how you do things. It gives me ideas and how too’s. Thanks.

  3. I enjoy all your posts and have gotten many ideas that I incorporate into my quilting. As a new quilter you and another blogger are the only blogs I follow and the two of you have become my mentors because of COVID. I basically taught myself to quilt using You tube videos and ideas from the two of you. Being retired and having minor health issues my husband and I are careful about what we do outside of our home and family pod.

  4. I completely understand your excitement over having floor space to put quilts out on. My new studio has floor space for baby to lap sized quilts. The questionable factor in that will be the lighting. Obviously, that’s not an issue in your room. Lucky you, Mary!

  5. I find it interesting to see where others are living and being creative. Having floor space to lay out a quilt is so useful and very much appreciated. I’m too short to lay out a whole quilt on a design wall.

  6. I also love having floor space to check everything is okay with my quilt top before I add borders or start quilting it. I have a design wall but almost all my quilts are bigger. Your newest quilt is beautiful as usual. I read the instructions but I really don’t have a box of pieces to make a quilt like this, I think I’ll stick to regular cutting of strips. Your little visitor is cute, I think mama must be nearby.

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