A new Blanket

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this combination of yarn and linen stitch pattern. And it’s such an easy stitch too. This will be the 5th one that I’ve made.

  • Pattern – from a BluPrint kit purchase several years ago
  • Hook size – I
  • Yarn – Lionbrand Mandala Ombré, colorway Balance
  • Chained 140

Although this pattern isn’t available anymore, you can find a similar one for free by clicking here.

9 thoughts on “A new Blanket

  1. The colors in this shawl remind me of walking into the Lilly Pulitzer store with my favorite aunt as a tween. The bright colors combined to create what in my mind is tropical beauty. Love the colors and the memory it brings.


  2. I love that yarn/pattern combo too. Last winter I made 5 blankets with Mandala Ombre and liked it so much I bought about 7 more colorways (6 skeins each).
    I ended up chaining about 168-172 and getting about 36-39″ width, but I know I crochet “tight” and I should go a size bigger on the hook, but I didn’t on any of those.
    Linda M


  3. This blanket is lovely! Rookie question: How do you know when to end the rows so that the colors line up correctly? I haven’t crocheted in many years.


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