My Log Cabin Hearts quilt is finished. Mom appliqued the set of hearts I used for this second one. She thought they were too busy (I asked for colored hearts and colored backgrounds) but I kind of like them! I’ve got one more set she appliqued and they’re all on neutral backgrounds so she’ll probably end up liking that one better when I get around to making it. Pantograph is Leafy Love

Brief instructions for my Log Cabin Hearts can be found on my website


  1. Mary your log cabin 💜 quilt using coloured backgrounds for the applique…it’s beautiful and I simply love it! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations. 👏💕

  2. Know your heart quilts have my heart and today looking at this I got the idea to do Christmas trees in this style. Getting rid of Christmas scraps is fun but a little challenging.

  3. I absolutely love this one!!! Tell your Mom she did an excellent job with the hearts!! An update on my son. He has been struggling to stay alive and on Sunday the doctor advised his wife to stop the ventilator. We both said NO we wanted him to have another week. The doctor was not happy but said okay. For some reason my sons numbers improved so much that today they are putting in a tracheotomy. Something we have been praying for. It is his only chance to live. It will still be a rough road to recovery but it is a start!!! He still needs lots of prayers!!

  4. I have liked the heart log cabin since you did the first one back in Minneapolis. I like this one with the colored backgrounds and the black stitching around the edge, it really sets the colors off. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I really like this quilt, just something about it, with all the bright colors. I am going to have to remember this one! The list is growning of all the quilts I want to make when I retire at the end of the year.

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