I love my raccoons! When we first installed the cameras last fall there were a pair of raccoons that showed up and I just knew one of them was pregnant. The last several months I’ve only seen one raccoon at any given time and I wondered what happened to its mate … and I never saw any babies … and look what showed up last night! Little ones! Keith just shakes his head at my enthusiasm for all the wildlife we see here.


  1. So cute but can be very destructive to property. We had holes chewed in our siding on two different occassions by little bandits : (

  2. What a lovely little family. We once fostered four newborn raccoons until their release.
    More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

  3. All of the wildlife we see are overweight from eating in our neighborhood. We have at least 4 possums with 2 born this year. A huge raccoon who looks like if he rolled he would be faster. Turtles that come in large medium , small and even smaller, Paul maintains bird feeders with the numbers of visitors increasing over the last 3 years. This year our Hummingbird feeder has been better populated. 3 instead of 2 birds and we usually only see them for a week. This year they are past 3 weeks and eating lots. I hop someday we will have baby raccoons again.

    • Oh, I LOVE baby raccoons. They are just so cute. We had a few that we were watching over a year ago. Actually, we saw a mama and baby hanging out in a tree outside our garage late afternoon in May 2020. Have NEVER seen raccoons during the day before. They were playing in the tree. Well, the BABY was running up and down and mama didn’t want him/her running too far from her, and she would drag baby back down to her and scold him/her. Too funny. We watched them from the deck across from the garage for over an hour. We were only about 15 feet away from them, and they didn’t care that we were right there watching them. They were able to get UNDER our deck from time to time, and we saw the baby running across the deck once during the day about 6 weeks after that. I haven’t seen them since them. Oh, wait, I DID see a HUGE raccoon going up our Blue Spruce tree after a huge snowstorm in January or February. But, I know they are around because “something” got into the dog food bag I had accidentally left outside overnight a few weeks ago. Dog food scattered EVERYWHERE. Lesson learned. UGH.

      My big dog, Sadie, “got” a possum a few weeks ago about 10:30 at night. She nearly went through the glass doors out to the back yard trying to get to something. And she would NOT drop that dang thing for anything. She carried it in her mouth around and around the yard for about 10 minutes. Double ugh. Possum was gone in the morning so I’m assuming it wasn’t injured that badly. Haven’t seen him since then, but my dog is “on alert” ALL the time!! She’s a Chow Chow, and has NO hunting instincts except for possums. Squirrels, rabbits, and birds don’t seem to interest her. And we have ALL of those things in large numbers. The rabbits are so tame that if I try to shoo them away, they will only move about 10” or so. I don’t have many plants right now so rabbits and squirrels aren’t damaging anything, thankfully. That could change next year if I get some landscaping done.

  4. I just watched a TV program in Australia made by an Australian scientist in which the raccoon was listed as the 2nd most dangerous animal in the world because of rabies. The first most dangerous was the Eastern Brown Snake found in eastern Australia and I’ve seen these in my garden. A friend lost a dog to one two years ago.

  5. I also love them…except when they break into the house. We used to live in a house bordering Sugar Creek Forest, and those rascaly raccoons broke through screens to get into the house twice. When I went to the conserv dep to get a safe trap, they told me to release the racoons in Sugar Creek Forest. I asked the agent where she lived so I could drop them in her neighboorhood. She wasn’t amused.

  6. Please be very careful around raccoons, they can become rabid very easily and an extreme danger to humans. Ask me how I know this.

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