I made the mistake of not measuring my fabrics before starting this morning and ran out of the Dinosaur print. I made it work but I won’t show a full photo until it’s quilted because this is another one of the 3 yard quilts that just is not photographing well. It’s really cute in person and in the close up but the overall photo looks odd!

I pulled a backing and pieced some batting leftovers and the 3rd top is ready for quilting tonight. I also trimmed the ones from the last 2 nights so they’re ready for binding but they’ll wait until next week.

The closing on the Tampa townhouse was delayed again as I expected. They’re just waiting for the permit to be closed by the city now and they’ve rescheduled for Friday but that might be too optimistic. We’ll see.


  1. I had some strips already cut from an earlier project and thought they were all the same size. Wrong, I ended up sewing a strip 1/4” narrower than the others. And I still didn’t know it till I was done. So now I need to do trimming on all the 9 patch blocks, yuck! I love your dinosaur print, my great great nephew would love this. Good luck with your closing, we are still scheduled for Monday but it ain’t over yet!

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