Another one of my 3+ yard tops is quilted. This pattern is City Lights from Fabric Cafe. Pantograph is Belly Bop. Kind of silly to use a pantograph for simple loops right?… but my freehand loops are small and tight. This panto is nice and open, perfect for a cuddly donation quilt.

I had to text Chris a photo and thank him again for hanging my blinds in this room. I’ve been quilting at night and I very much appreciate not having the whole world looking in on me!

I’m not worrying about trying to get these bound this week. I’ll bind and stitch them down when Mom is here. After piecing and quilting … anytime left in the night hours is being spent crocheting. I’m making good progress and I’m on my 4th and final skein on the linen stitch blanket.


  1. Not silly at all Mary, just memory training to help make your loops larger. I do like this 3 yard quilt pattern. Much as I hate cleaning venetians, I go love the privacy they give. Kudos to Chris for hanging the blinds for you.

  2. Blue is my favourite colour so I love that blue spotted fabric you used and it goes well with that green 🙂

  3. I really like that panto Mary. I’m still puddling along on my projects, but our election is becoming front and centre as I’ll work that day at the polling station closest to our home. I’m so proud that voting in free elections is a way of life here. When I was a kid, we studied civics in school, and that has left an indelible mark on me. I’m not a political creature, but love the process. There are many places in the world, where women would not be offered this right.
    My Hallowe’en quilt is waiting for its final border, but I will wait until I am at our house in the country before I search for something fitting.I’ve started a 4 patch scrappy quilt offered by a fabric shop fairly close to us. It costs $20.00 to jin, and they supply the pattern and the fabric for a twin size quilt top. I love the fact that there are 200 of us working away month by month creating this quilt, and it makes a great quilt for donation
    Hope you are having a great week

  4. I know that I would be thanking Chris. A little privacy makes me a lot more comfortable.

    The quilt is so adorable. You make quilts for all sorts of people so your contributions must be a highlight to the charities that receive them.

  5. Especially cute fabric choices!! I would definitely appreciate having the blinds too, as I would constantly feel like I was being watched at night – even if it was only by the raccoons.

  6. Great job on the quilt. I close the blinds in the evening and open them in the morning – even when I lived in an area with the nearest neighbor over two miles away.

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