Another blanket

I started another blanket tonight. An easy one – no thinking required. One row repeated over and over. Does that sound boring to you? For me, it’s perfect for working on sitting downstairs late at night listening to my audiobook.

Out of curiosity, I looked up a list of National Parks to see how many I’d visited. Not as many as I expected. Now if you added National Monuments, historical sites, and State Parks, my list would be much longer. When it becomes safer to travel longer distances again, there are definitely some on this list I want to visit.


  1. Thank you for this crochet pattern, I have some blue yarn I need to use and this will be perfect. I’ve been to probably half of the National Parks and hope to see a few more. Some are unbelievable like Yellowstone and some are really not too much like The Gateway Arch, which I can see in winter from our deck. But they all have information or just incredibly interesting areas/animals.

  2. I’ve made a note now of the audiobook. I’m always on the lookout for good books, to read and to listen to.

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