It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years since Mom came to visit and stay with me a while. The last time was in Oct 2019. I’m so looking forward to this time with her.

I don’t have photos from today but she arrived at dinner time along with my brother Kevin and his wife Hilary and she’ll stay for 3 weeks! My brother’s visit will be shorter … just 4 days but I’m glad to see him too.

And last night caught on camera … sometimes the cameras just catch a glimpse of an animal and I can’t tell what it is but luckily I have 3 cameras in the back and often an animal is picked up on all 3. I had just told Keith I hadn’t seen a fox in several months … and on the first two videos I couldn’t tell what this was but on the third, I could see it was a fox.


  1. So happy you get to spend this time with your mom. It’s been so hard to have to stay away from those we love, to keep both them and us safe. I know you’ll both treasure the next weeks.

  2. Enjoy your visit with your Family and your Mum. I haven’t seen my Twin and the rest of my Family since 2019, they are is south east Canada in new Brunswick about 3100 miles from me. So have lots of fun.

  3. Mary, I have been following your blog for a while now and I can’t believe all the quilts you get made. I also follow Heart Strings. Hope you have a wonderful few days with family and then get to creating with you Mum later. I came across this Pole Twist – String Block and fell in love with what this New Mexico lady had created and wondered if you had seen her creations:- Do hope the link works for you as I don’t know how else to send. String blocks done a little differently I think.

  4. I’m so happy your Mom is able to visit now. I look forward to seeing pictures of the two of you sewing together. Take care and have fun!!!

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY! I’m so happy that Mom came to visit, Mary. I look forward to seeing all the projects you two work on, plus the ones you get ready to send home with her after three weeks. THREE WEEKS!! Enjoy every moment – I know you will. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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