It’s been raining non stop but that’s ok, we’re enjoying our visit and are in the middle of a multi day 5 Crowns tournament! Does your family play games?

In between games, there are runs to the store, cooking, eating, napping (Keith), and reading! Even with all the rain we can sit on the porch and Mom and I carried our Kindles and quilts out there for a while this afternoon. Mom and I are both reading the CJ Box books featuring Joe Pickett – I think it was Nancy who recommended this series to me. I’m on book #8 of 22 but Mom is about 3 books ahead of me.


  1. I’m looking at your mom all bundled up with jacket and quilt and wondering about your temps there. Still rather hot here in the St. Louis area.

  2. I love your Christmas tree. I had an LED lighted non-evergreen tree from Hobby Lobby in the corner of my living room for a while. I loved the ambiance it created when the lights were off, but I had to get rid of it because the transformer for the lights got pretty hot.

  3. Cards, reading on the porch – all sounds perfect to me. My husband’s family loves to play cards. We do too, but it’s funny – our oldest daughter hates to play cards but her husband loves it. Our youngest daughter loves to play but her husband hates it. I play 5 Crowns a lot with a little group of friends.

  4. We are a game-playing family, too. Our grandson introduced us to Capitalism when we were up north last fall, and we’ve been playing it after dinner when we’re all together ever since. I grew up playing gin rummy and cribbage, and all sorts of board games. My husband’s family were not game-players, so it’s been tough for me since our children grew up and left home, but now that we live close to one of our sons and his family, I can play again. I find a sense of peace and happiness when we’re all together playing a game and laughing.

  5. Not heard of that card game before. Only 2 of us here so been a while since we played cards. Good to see a family all happy together 🙂

  6. Oooh, I’m glad you’re reading and enjoying the Joe Picket series. I love CJ Box’s books. My sister, BIL, nephew and I played Five a crowns several times last week. It’s a fun game.

  7. What fun seeing you all together. When I get together with 4 of my friends we play Mexican Train Dominoes. Love to see you enjoying reading and spending time with your Mum.

  8. Have you read the Linda Castillo books? She writes about a female former Amish sheriff in Ohio. I’ve read all the CJ box books and really really them too.
    Also J A Jance books.

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