Tree woes

The lights burned out on the lower part of our tree and rather than replacing them, we decided to replace the tree – it wasn’t quite what we wanted. The new tree came today … and it’s not quite right either so we’ve ordered another one. This one looks too Christmasy and we want something more rustic that won’t look odd being left up year around. I guess we’re kind of obsessed.

When we had the condo here, we had one with colored lights that was left by the previous owners. When we sold the condo, it wasn’t “right” for the Tampa house so we left it but now we want one here at the new house. Hopefully the third tree will be just right.

I tried a new recipe tonight – a Shepard’s Pie that has tater tots on top rather than mashed potatoes. It’s going to need some tweaking but I think it might just make it into our meal rotation. And while I was cooking, Keith was out hiking and almost stepped on this snake hiding in the leaves. I’ll have to keep an eye out for copperheads when I get back out on the trails – it’s easy to miss them with all the fallen leaves.

Mom’s working on finishing the blocks on her last 3 yard quilt. She’ll take them home to assemble and to put the borders on and tonight I finished crocheting the pink blanket – I still have the ends to weave in which will hopefully get done tomorrow.


  1. Thankfully Keith saw it. Not a fan of the slithering. Hope the tree ends up being perfect for you home.

  2. Wow, that was a close call with the snake!! I had a similar experience with a rattle snake. I was very careful after that. I also like the more rustic looking trees, but they are hard to find. We have a favorite small tree that we have had for close to 20 yrs. Every Christmas we need to jiggle it more and more to get all the lights working. I’ll probably be looking for a new tree this year too.

  3. We have to watch for rattlers. That was a close encounter. I take a walking stick and am always tapping it ahead of me when I walk. We also walk in the middle of the road as they lay on the edge to get some sun.

  4. Yikes!! That snake is creepy! I’ve been thinking about leaving up the “pencil” tree in my dining room after Christmas. It has white lights. I can picture a bit of garland for spring or summer or fall.

  5. Yikes ditto! I too wouldn’t think snakes would still be out in this season! Be careful of snakes!

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