Date night

We’ve gone out very little but tonight we made reservations outside on the veranda at the clubhouse here in Big Canoe. We arrived about 30 minutes before our reservation time to have a drink overlooking the lake.

Before we left, I went looking for my windmill template. I bought this one YEARS ago and the blue and gold quilt I shared in the last post was a UFO that I finally finished up in first few years we lived in Minneapolis … and at some point along the way I “lost” the template. When I was packing up for the move this year I “found” it in the sewing room and put it in a bin with other various templates and infrequently used supplies and tools and look – I was able to find it right away! I don’t know when I’ll get around to making one but at least I have the template ready.

If you don’t have one or can’t find one, Sara shared that she improvised and used charm squares cut on a angle to make a similar quilt.


  1. I made one like this years ago and I remember cutting them at an angle too. I can’t find the pattern though. I really like the bright colors.

  2. I made one of these so long ago that there was no template….or rotary cutter! I made the quilt to cover a second hand couch (early “60s style) that we bought at an auction when we first got married. It wasn’t my first quilt…that would be a Storm at Sea (I really didn’t know much about quilting, bias, 60 degree angles, or contrast so SAS didn’t scare me then. Also there was almost no 100% cotton available).

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