I finished hand stitching the binding on the Bright Tumbler quilt. This is binding #3 of 3 quilted so I’m keeping up with my binding so far. We’ll see if that continues as I quilt more in the next few weeks working toward my goal of quilting 21 tops by the end of November.

I wrote some brief notes and posted them to the website. Mostly just to remind myself of the measurements I used for this quilt. I’m expecting that next year HeartStrings will do another Tumbler Project and this variation is one I’d like to do again.


  1. Again you share your creativity in many ways. Thank you for being thoughtful and sharing patterns and then this is probably a wonderful donation quilt. It is so bright and cheerfu.l

  2. Just yesterday I was thinking of making a tumbler quilt out of two packs of charm squares I don’t particularly know what to do with (adding solids to it). I’ve made them before and they turn out great. This one is very bright and perfect for a child. I like the added sashing strips, it’s different. My iPad changed the word to smashing strips, until I corrected it.

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