3rd time’s the charm!

In the ongoing tree saga, the 3rd attempt is a winner. We were looking for an indoor, year around tree to keep up like we had in the Big Canoe condo (I know it’s kind of weird to leave it up all the time). The first one was too short … the second one too “christmasy”

….but the 3rd one is close to what we had. More rustic. We’ll stick with this one!


  1. Looks great! Much better. It’s a challenge to find the right style when a shopping trip isn’t in the plan. The pre-lit trees are a pain when the bulbs burn out. It’s possible to remove the lights but it’s a pain, so I went back to stringing my own LED lights on the small trees. The LED bulbs come in a softer light now. They used to be soooo bright!

  2. That looks great! A fun way to display a few photos and have some cheerful ambient lighting. Such a fun idea!

  3. I actually really like the idea of an indoor tree year round to decorate. It seems such a pain to unbox and carry a tree from our garage upstairs to our living room. I’m not super fond of lots of ornaments as I am the only one who puts them on and then has to take off, pack-up and put away. I think if I could change garlands for several different holidays and just a few ornaments…it might be more fun than decorating just for one holiday =).

  4. Hi Mary, I don’t see anything wrong with a year-round tree. Our previous home (we moved 3 years ago) had a niche just above a closet. I had a 2 ft tree there and changed decorations on it per season and holidays. It was fun AND a conversation starter! Go for it!!

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