Hat #4

It happens I guess when you try new patterns, new yarns, different sizes … this one came out larger than I would have liked but heads come in all sizes and since it wasn’t made for a specific person and will be donated, I’m sure it will fit someone. I’ve made this one before but always in the smaller sizes and I’m sure I did NOT knit to the length in the pattern until this time and it is too long so beware!

  • Pattern – Classic Cuff Hat found free on Ravelry
  • Needle sizes – 5 for the ribbed cuff, 7 for the rest of the hat
  • Yarn – Knit Picks Felici Worsted which does not seem to be available on their website anymore.

I did not make it into the sewing or longarm rooms at all on Wednesday. I seem to have caught a cold and am feeling under the weather but knitting and listening to my audiobook is a good alternative. Hopefully, I’ll be up to loading another quilt on the longarm tomorrow.


  1. Please get tested for Covid, just in case. Hope you feel better soon. Try some Vicks on your throat and neck? Stay safe!

  2. Hi Mary! Oh, I hope today is a better day and the cold is on the way out. Knitting and listening to a good book and snuggling with Winn is a nice alternative. Feel better! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Feel better soon, perhaps it is a seasonal allergies. I know both my husband and myself drip this time of year, for us it is leaf mold. The leaves are beautiful this time of year in Connecticut, but add a little moisture and you get leaf mold.

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