Becky must have known I was knitting hats! She sent me this photo of Mo today saying they were digging out the fall and winter clothes and Mo was doing a fashion show with the hats. This was one I knit back in 2015 for Rae and it’s from this book – over the years I’ve knit a number of hats from it and I’d forgotten I’d bought the Kindle version too. I’ll have to add a couple to this year’s line-up!


  1. The hat is so cute on Mo! She is adorable! I thought I would see more than one picture of modeled hats though—

  2. Good morning! Well, that smiling face is a nice compliment to the hat and a fabulous way to start the day. How nice that she can enjoy a hat her sister originally wore. She is the best adorable model. ~smile~ Roseanne

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