1. You and Sue created a very special gift for someone who will need it when received. As I read blogs and see how many wonderful gifts are made and passed on to people in need or in need of recognition. So much love goes into quilts gifted to people we don’t know but care about. People talk about our society losing touch with others and I read about quilts given with love and know we safe. There is love to be wrapped in all over the US and shared around the world. Veterans, people with medical problems, people who have experienced loss and people who have too little are represented in blogs I read. You also knit and crochet for others. Life is really good when you share.

  2. I agree – lots of scrappy, string-y goodness. Joyful said it well. String quilts are quite satisfying to make.

  3. Hi! . I’ve been missing the wildlife clips. You aren’t going to stop sharing them are you?
    Love all your quilts and hats!

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