Another group HeartStrings top was quilted tonight. Also one from the batch of tops that Sue sent me to quilt and donate and it’s #9 of 21 tops to be quilted before the end of November. Pantograph is Apollo.

I had a bit of a challenge when the tablet blanked out on me when was in the middle of a row. When I turned it back on and pulled up my quilt (luckily I’d remember to save the file), my “dot” wouldn’t move. I could reposition it but it would not move as I moved the machine and you can’t follow the pattern if the dot doesn’t move. Before panicking, I did what you should always do with electronics that start acting funky, I closed the program and turned everything off. I was able to line my pattern back up and resume quilting after turning the tablet back on and opening my Pantovision program.

One thing that wasn’t a challenge was quilting this top. You never know what you’re going to get when someone else pieces a top and String blocks can be very stringy … this one was very well made and someone took the time to press and remove all those threads that seem to get caught in the seams when working with these leftover bits. It was a pleasure to work on a quilt where the quilters (the blocks were probably pieced by one quilter and assembled by another) paid such close attention to their work.

I also managed some knitting while watching the Lightning game before coming down to quilt. They’ve had a rough start to the season but they won tonight.


  1. I love scrappy quilts and these Heartstrings quilts in particular. They are so fun and each one is different. Such a great use of leftover fabric. I really like the use of a consistent color down the center of each block that gives the grid pattern. I made one of these quilts several years ago using black down the center and many “down memory lane” fabrics from when I made maternity and toddler clothes, curtains, and quilts. I love to look at it. Maybe I will make another!

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