And one more for tonight. This doll quilt is from leftovers from my scrappy hourglass quilt made earlier this year before the move. I’ve just got one more doll quilt pieced that is waiting for quilting and that one will be hand quilted – it’s just simple squares and I’ll cross hatch it with big stitch hand quilting … eventually. I don’t know if it will make November’s list or not.

I’ve got a few of these waiting for donating (possibly gifting) but that doesn’t worry me. Either I’ll hear of a group asking for donations of doll quilts or I’ll buy some dolls and stuffed animals eventually and donate them myself. They don’t take up much room for now.


  1. This is beautiful! I can imagine this in a full size quilt. There is a FB group, I think it’s called sewing for Appalachia. They give lots of dolls away.

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