Letting Go

You know I donate a lot of quilts but sometimes I hold on to one for a while. In this case, I held on to it for years! This is one I made based on a vintage quilt and it was published in Quilty Magazine in 2012. I always intended to give this one away and today, I decided it was way past time to donate it so I pulled it out and removed the hanging sleeve. It’s never been used or displayed but the magazine requested that it have a hanging sleeve when I sent it to them for photographs.

I’ve had some of my quilts published in books or magazines and most of them have been related to my work with HeartStrings. I never went looking to be published but I would get requests from time to time and that’s what happened with this one. I don’t like working to deadlines or to someone else’s specifications which is why for the most part I choose to write brief instructions for my quilts and post them for free on my website. There are instructions for this one at this link. I’d like to remake this quilt one day myself …

This was the shot from the magazine


  1. So exciting to have a quilt published in a magazine. I can see why you would hang onto it, and it is beautiful!

  2. Love this quilt! I would hang on to it too. Looks Native American or aboriginal. Is there a pattern to the width of the strips or are they random? I love figuring out how a quilt is made and this one will take some studying to determine if there is a regular pattern to the strips width.

  3. That is an awesome modern design, and congratulations on the publication. I can understand why you hung onto this one for so long. I would have too.

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