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Did you ever see the movie Hidden Figures? I did and found it interesting in part because it took place where I grew up – the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. When I was searching for my next audiobook (I listen to history or mystery books) I came across the book My Remarkable Journey by Katherine Johnson. I’m finding the book even more interesting than the movie (as I do most books).

Listening to the in-depth discussion about the Newport News/Hampton area in the 50’s and 60’s ( I was born in 1961), the information about NASA’s history, and her personal story of being a black woman during a time of segregation and transition in the south have really engaged my interest. I find myself looking up places mentioned on a map to see how close they were to where I lived and went to school. I also find it very sad to think about where we are so many years later … still dealing with rampant racism and our inability to learn to treat people with kindness and respect.


  1. I have that book too….haven’t started it yet though. I am 79 years old. I can’t believe we have not learned from the past.

  2. What a fascinating woman. I have read her biography. and seen the movie. The woman’s amazing

  3. I really enjoyed the movie Hidden Figures, and found those women to be so interesting and definitely inspirational. I will have to look into this book too. Thanks for the recommendation!

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