A walk

Keith convinced me I needed to get out of the house. I’m still struggling with sinus and congestion problems and am feeling tired but he was right and it felt good to be outside.

We were just going to walk around the trails at the Meadows but Finn is smart – he knew which trail led to the dog park and ran down that one and stood by the gate until we opened it and let him in. (He’s on leash unless he’s in the dog park).

He doesn’t fetch the ball but he’ll run over and “find” it for Keith!


  1. Hope you feel better soon, it’s hard to get up and get outside when we’re not feeling well, but the fresh air sure does feel good some days.

  2. Finn is a hoot. I liked watching the video of him running like crazy but not getting the ball. Kudos to Keith for continuing to throw it and then basically chasing it himself! Hope the sinus and everything has already cleared up.

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