Our Precut challenge last month was Jelly Rolls. This Lantern quilt is the 2nd set of blocks I pieced while Mom was here and now it’s a finished top. I’m not adding borders because it’s a good size for donation as it is.

You can find the free pattern at this link but I’d suggest you think about how to assemble the top – I really dislike sewing long skinny rows so I’m not sure why I started assembling it like the pattern but I switched to sewing it in quarters for the second half and I’d wished I’d started out that way. It’s much easier. You can see the first 4 rows are assembled in long rows but then I sewed the top and bottom sections together in the second section.

This pattern also looks good with a dark background. Mom and I made this one together a couple years ago.

I’m going to cast on another hat now and will have an easy weekend – there’s one quilt left to bind and I’ll knit.


  1. Thank you for the tip sewing this one together. I’m currently making the blocks for this pattern hate sewing long rows together as well. Thanks to you, it will go together much easier!

  2. The lantern quilt looks so very different with a dark background instead of light. I’m liking both versions!

  3. Mary, Thanks for the suggestion on breaking the quilt into sections – I prefer assembly that way too.

    Great pattern for jelly rolls. I love both versions.

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